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  • American hose rack assembly (Hose station).png

American hose rack assembly (Hose station)



Storage Device Material:Mild steel Size:1-1/2",2-1/2" Finish/Coating:Powder Coated Rack Color:Red Hose Reel Primary Application:Fire Hose includes Fire Hose:No Delivery Time:15days~30days


Detailed introduction

American hose rack assembly (Hose station)


American hose rack assembly is intended by one-person operation to control incipient stage of fire for buildings’ indoor firefighting service, conforming to NFPA 14 for Class II and Class III service.

The assembly is the combination of 5 parts: hose angle valve, fire hose with NH coupling, pin rack, rack nipple and nozzle. Normally it is installed in fire cabinet mounted on each floor of building.

Features and Specification

Storage Device Material:Mild steel

Rack Color:Red

Type:1-1/2″ fire hose rack assembly for Class II;2-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ fire hose rack assembly for Class III

Hose angle valve

Adjustable fog nozzle

Pin rack

Fire hose with NH coupling

Rack nipple

Ref. No.: F30

Available size


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