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  • Test and drain valve (Angle type).png

Test and drain valve (Angle type)



Material:Brass Size:1",1-1/4",1-1/2",2" Normal K-Factor:K5.6 K-factor: K5.6, K8.0, K11.2,. W. pressure: 300 psi Surface: Rough brass Delivery Time:15days~30days



Detailed introduction

Test and drain valve (Angle type) 

Test and drain valve (Angle type) provides both the test and the drain function for wet sprinkler systems. It contains a single handle ball valve with 3 working positions, test, drain, and shut. It also includes tamper resistant test orifice and sight glass. For straight type, the outlet is aligned with the inlet.

Angle test and discharge valves are designed to make them easy to install and operate. They usually have a compact construction and can fit into smaller Spaces. The valve also has low pressure loss and high sealing performance, ensuring efficient operation of the system.

Features and Specifications




Normal K-Factor:K5.6

Connection: Female thread, or grooved

K-factor: K5.6, K8.0, K11.2, etc.

W. pressure: 300 psi

Surface: Rough brass

Available size (Source 1 with 300 psi)

Note: For size 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ of grooved connection, they are only UL listed, not FM approved.

Available size (Source 3 with more orifices)

Note: For conneciton type, it is available with NPT x NPT, GRV x GRV, GRV x NPT.

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