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Single hydrant gate valve



Material:Brass Size:2-1/2" Working Pressure:175 psi /300 psi(12bar/20bar) Surface: Rough / polished / red enamel Patten:Body and bonnet/Solid top handle Delivery Time:15days~30days



Detailed introduction

Single hydrant gate valve

Single hydrant gate valve is used to throttle the flow for fire hydrant, standpipe, or fire pump. It is straightway pattern with non-rising stem and solid wedge disc.

Features and Specification



pin lug swivel, rising stem

Working Pressure:175 psi /300 psi(12bar/20bar)
Surface: Rough / polished / red enamel

Feature: Straightway, NH inlet


The hydrant gate valve is used to throttle the flow from a fire hydrant without damaging the hydrant itself.

Available Size

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